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We (Bleed AI solutions) are an AI service provider with profound expertise in advanced Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision techniques & algorithms. We have been working for quite a few years in Artificial Intelligence (AI) application development. To our Clients, we provide optimized and scalable solutions using cutting-edge industry-standard tools or by using our own proprietary suite of algorithms. 


Our portfolio consists of several projects including optical character recognition, natural language processing, object recognition, detection, tracking, and segmentation in images/videos, and so forth. Most of our solutions are catered to industries specific to the e-commerce, retail, medical, and agriculture sector.

We also aim to educate AI practitioners, so in our startup Bleed AI, we have published numerous free High-Quality technical blog posts & Video tutorials and we have also published a number of State of the Art courses in AI.

Services we offer

Optical Character Recognition

Video Analytics

Deep Learning

Human-Computer Interaction-based applications

Creating Technical AI Content

AI Powered Web APPs

Data Analytics & NLP

Data Scraping & Data Synthesis

ML Cloud Solutions & Deployment

Optical Character Recognition

We have made multiple robust OCR projects capable of accurately and efficiently recognizing characters from images/videos.  

  • OCR for ID cards/Passports: One of our clients wanted to automate the data entry process of people who visited their office so we implemented an OCR solution to read data from ID cards/Passports for him which fully automated the process.
  • OCR for Forms/Document Analysis: Our client wanted to reduce the effort of his analyst, so we implemented an OCR solution that clustered similar documents, which reduced manual sorting effort by 60%.

More services

Video / Surveillance Analytics

We have created intelligent video analytics systems where we analyze people entering and leaving an area, prohibited actions begin performed by people, and monitor some other key activities. All the reports were fed into a web dashboard that could be accessed by certain users. We have also worked with game analytics, where we performed real-time game analysis from youtube videos and provided a breakdown of the whole play.

Deep Learning:

We have built many robust deep learning-based systems for our clients, be it Classification, Detection, or image Segmentation systems. We don’t just stop at training a model but we make sure the model is fully optimized and lightweight for various deployment scenarios.

Technical Courses & Blog Posts:

We have made several premium high-end AI courses and Blog Posts here at BleedAI and for the official team as well.


Human-Computer Interaction-based applications

 We have made several easily usable HCI-based applications for our clients with optimal user experience. We have also made a number of tutorials on controlling different applications using body gestures.

AI-Powered Web APPs:

 We have also made several AI integrated Secure and reliable web applications.  We always make sure to deliver scalable, efficient, responsive, and elegant applications to our clients.

Data Analytics / NLP:

We have also analyzed datasets for multiple clients and helped them extract useful information from their raw data and have also designed solutions for problems like Sentiment Analysis, Product Recommendation, and Paraphrase Identification using NLP techniques. 

Data Scraping/Synthesis:

We also worked with extracting data from multiple sources in order to create the required data for training an ML model. Some common sources include websites, google images, social media, custom video datasets, etc.

Cloud Solutions & Deployment:

Our team takes you from start to end of a full machine learning life cycle, so we take care of deploying your model or connecting it with other cloud APIs.


Our Leadership

Taha Anwar

Founder /CEO

Momin Anjum

Business Development Head

Rizwan Malik

AI Manager

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